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Community Outreach
Founded in 2001, The Peninsula Community Foundation (PCF) is an all-volunteer organization serving North Mecklenburg County. PCF brings people, capital and ideas together to help local Lake Norman charities and the communities they serve. We are Neighbors Helping Neighbors. more history

Increase awareness of the significant needs of the population of North Mecklenburg County. Raise money to distribute to those local charities that best address the un-met needs of the young, poor, distressed, elderly and/or handicapped in our community.

Carefully evaluate both the needs of the community and the effectiveness of local charities in determining which organizations get funded by the PCF. Priority is given to those charities that most effectively use PCF donations to achieve tangible, quantifiable results.

Work closely with our charities to assist them in their own efforts to increase fundraising, enhance volunteer recruitment, expand their presence in the local community and improve their strategic planning and corporate governance.

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• ​Continue to ​educate the community on the un-met needs of our neighbors in North Mecklenburg County.

• Increase donor and community awareness of PCF activities through the website, Facebook, and ​periodic press releases.

• Raise $100,000 in net annual cash contributions.

• Thoughtfully distribute/invest $100,000 annually in local charities.

• As demonstrated by our work with the Lake Norman Free Clinic (and others), we believe we can help charities develop, not only through direct financial contributions, but also by helping them improve their fundraising, PR and marketing, volunteer recruitment, strategic planning and corporate governance. As such, it is our goal to ​​find one or two local charities that would benefit from this kind of comprehensive engagement and assistance.

As we celebrate the generosity of our supporters, the needs in our area have never been greater. We intend to build on the legacy of the PCF founders by increasing the amount of money we raise, improving how we invest and monitor your contributions and work even more closely with the charities in the area to address the immediate and longer term needs of the North Mecklenburg community.

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